Boxes through a Tunnel C

You are transporting some boxes through a tunnel, where each box is a parallelepiped, and is characterized by its length, width and height. The height of the tunnel 41 feet and the width can be assumed to be infinite. A box can be carried through the tunnel only if its height is strictly less than the tunnel's height. Find the volume of each box that can be successfully transported to the other end of the tunnel. Note: Boxes cannot be rotated. Input Format The first line contains a sing

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Small Triangles, Large Triangles C

You are given n triangles, specifically, their sides a(i), b(i) and c(i) . Print them in the same style but sorted by their areas from the smallest one to the largest one. It is guaranteed that all the areas are different. Input Format First line of each test file contains a single integer n. n lines follow with , a(i), b(i) and c(i) on each separated by single spaces. Constraints 1 <= n <= 100 1 <= a(i), b(i), c(i) <= 70 a(i) + b(i) > c(i) a(i) + c(i) > b(i)

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Structuring the Document C

A document is represented as a collection paragraphs, a paragraph is represented as a collection of sentences, a sentence is represented as a collection of words and a word is represented as a collection of lower-case ([a-z]) and upper-case ([A-Z]) English characters. You will convert a raw text document into its component paragraphs, sentences and words. To test your results, queries will ask you to return a specific paragraph, sentence or word as described below. Alicia is studying the C

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